Elizabeth Turner – Instructor

Deborah Ridgway – Educational Assistant

Action Pictures—Action shots of students in FS Class

Food Services (FS)

     The Food Service industry is the single largest employer of young people in the nation.  Many jobs and opportunities exist for people who posses the right combination of interests, skills, education and training.  Employment is available at a variety of levels ranging from entry-level jobs requiring little or no experience, to higher levels requiring specialized training. Individuals who serve the public are people with a special commitment to others. This includes developing the skills and knowledge required to perform their job successfully. 

     Students within this program identify and develop techniques utilizing a hands-on approach within a food service environment. They plan, prepare, and serve foods in a variety of settings.  Interactions with the community include visiting local restaurants and providing catering services for businesses, schools and individuals. 


     Students receive special instructions in the areas of:

      Safety and sanitation

      Quantity food preparation

      Reading comprehension

      Time management and organizational skills

      Customer service and relations

      Career exploration in the Food Service Industry




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    Career Possibilities:


    Food server

    Prep cook


    Restaurant owner

    Restaurant manager

    Food stylist


    Foods instructor