Carla Vargas  - Instructor


Action Pictures—Action shots of students in MK class

Marketing (MK)


                  Marketing is a series of activities that focus on the retailer and the customer to generate a              profitable exchange.  The principles of marketing, the concepts of basic economics and the              understanding of human resource skills provide the foundation for this curriculum.

                  Students in this course benefit from related field trips to local businesses and agencies, as              well as regular guest speakers experienced in the area of marketing.  Managing the school’s              retail store, “The Outpost”, enables students to gain hands-on experience and skills needed to              satisfy customers and solve marketing problems in the functional including:


       Distribution and pricing

       Marketing-information management

       Product planning and purchasing

       Promotion and advertising

       Selling and communication skills

       Cash handling

       Business math concepts

       Career exploration in the Retail Marketing Industry



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      Career Possibilities:


      Retail sales clerk

      Store manager

      Marketing representative

      Inventory clerk


      Small business owner