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Transition Skills

Child / Health Care - Public Service Careers (TS)

     Until recently, society believed that education in the area of childcare was unnecessary.  Knowledge and skills adults needed for child-rearing came naturally, or so it was perceived.  Many felt that just being raised in a family environment taught us all we needed to know about children and childcare skills.

     Today, childcare experts know that understanding children requires careful study and the refinement of parenting skills. Changes that are taking place in society and in today’s families require people to know more about child development than can be observed within their own family experiences.

     In addition, identifying good physical health traits and obtaining basic first-aid skills is essential to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for all. 


In this course students will identify and discuss:

Transitioning to becoming an adult


Dealing with stress

Families & child-rearing options

Child development – prenatal to age five

Societal demands of families

American Red Cross First Aid and CPR

Career exploration and options


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Career Possibilities:


             Family Counselor                   

             Child Psychologist

             Social Worker                                       Family Counselor

             Nurse/Midwife                                      Pediatric Nurse

             Nanny                                                      Pediatrician

             Early Childhood Teacher                   Child Care Center Worker