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Action Pictures—Action shots of students in IT Class

Computer Applications & Information Technology (CA/IT)


             Information Technology (IT) is a key ingredient for businesses trading in the 21st century. Through better use of communication and IT infrastructure, businesses can now open their doors to international markets as well as competition. Its reach cuts across industry segments and geographical locations. This has fueled the need for well-qualified and skilled information technology professionals mainly in computers and telecommunications.

             A recent study of job titles for information technology types employed in the U.K., Europe, and the U.S., found 60,000 unique job descriptions. With so many titles, the jobs come down to personal performance--and an intuitive sense of the shifting boundaries of your position as it defines itself in practice

Information Technology focuses on meeting the needs of the students in the areas of:

Computer applications usage

Gain knowledge of basic office skills & procedures

Utilize Microsoft Office applications

Use and gain knowledge about Windows Operating Systems and Local Area Networks

Learn basic computer system component identification and vocabulary

Learn industry standard terminology

Learn basic (HTML) web page design

Learn basic graphic design

Gain knowledge about computer hardware and software installation and repair

And more…










Career Possibilities:

             Business Management          

             Office Manager

             Administrative Assistant      

             Office Specialist

             Secretary                                   \

             Computer Technician

             Computer Repair Tech

             Data Input Specialist            

             Data Management

             Network Specialist

             Information Processor          

             Business Process Consultants

             Web Designer                         

             Graphic Artist

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The CA/IT program has added two new important major components the curriculum over the past year.

First, the class is now utilizing the “Moodle” online software environment which is similar to the “Web CT” software used in most colleges and universities.  Most class resources, assignments, quizzes and tests as well as makeup work are now accomplished online through this program. Since the Website is available on the Internet, students can access the class material from home or anywhere they have Internet access. Students in the IT program will learn and become familiar with the use of this online environment in preparation for their continuing post-secondary education.

For current students, you can log on to to access the CA/IT Moodle Website.

The second major addition is the new IT Workshop. This part of the program includes general computer maintenance & repair. This means we tear apart, dig into and physically repair computer CPUs, Printers and other misc. electronic equipment. In order to be able to do this students learn basic component identification and safety associated with working with computer repair. Students also learn basic soldering skills, component repair & replacement and programming (imaging) as a part of this area of the IT program.