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General Information




High School Students: Students attending MVTC are provided transportation to and from their academic high school to MVTC using shuttle buses provided by the district. These shuttles are located in the defined bus areas for each school. Buses leave as scheduled and will not stop to pick up students once the bus is in motion.

High School Students:

     Morning MVTC shuttle buses leave each High School promptly as shown below:

MHS – 8:35 am

OHS – 8:34 am

LCHS – 8:45 am

     Students attending MVTC in the afternoon will access MVTC shuttles leaving their prospective schools at the following times:

LCHS – 12:20 pm

MHS – 12:20 pm

OHS – 12:20 pm


Middle School Students:

     Morning MVTC students should use designated high school buses (please check with your home high school for bus number and times) or have parents transport them to their neighborhood high school. Once there, they will transfer to the MVTC shuttle buses which leave at the times posted above.

     At the end of the morning session they will be transported back to their academic middle school for afternoon classes and use regular bus routes or parent transportation to get home.

     Afternoon MVTC students will be transported from their academic middle school to MVTC after lunch (please check with the office at your home school for specific times). At the end of the day, they will then be transported back to their neighborhood high school. Once there, they should transfer to designated high school buses (please check with your home high school for bus number (s) and times) or utilize parent transportation to get home.

     Any transportation concerns should be reported to the LCPS Transportation Office (First Student Bus Company) at 541-7329 prior to contacting our school office at 527-6059.

     Students will need to complete a Bus Information Sheet for each of the buses they access in order to continue riding the bus. These forms will be provided to them by their bus driver.


Supply List

     In addition to work-related activities, students will participate in content-related and school-wide lessons. Students are provided a locker and should bring a combination lock. It is highly recommended that a change of clothing is brought to school in order to avoid dress code violations and/or the damage of clothing. Vocational programs will provide students a list of additional required supplies. (MVTC/LCPS does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items, all valuables must be secured in lockers provided, locks are responsibility of student.)


Students should come to class prepared !!


Vocational Options

     Outcomes for students who master MVTC’s vocational

curriculum and have not yet graduated high school include:

· Enrolling in Work Study programs at the student’s academic home school (check with home schools for student qualifications).

· Enrolling at

    through the district’s Area Vocational School (AVS).

· Returning to their academic home school full-time to pursue elective credits in personal areas of interest

· Enrolling in the                  program at the Career Ed Office for community-based job experiences.



     Similar to a job, assessment at MVTC is a continuous and on-going process. Our staff believes in a cooperative effort between students, parents and teachers in maintaining open lines of communication. As a result, students receive district-generated report cards on a quarterly basis. In addition, interim progress reports for MVTC are mailed directly home to parents/guardians Informing them of their child’s progress in our CTE setting.

     Students receive a daily performance grade for their participation. This grade is based on attitude, initiative, appropriate job-related behaviors, and the quality and quantity of work. This day-to-day evaluation accounts for the major portion of their final grade with a smaller percentage earned through content-related lessons and activities as defined by individual programs.


Computer Usage

     As a school we continually strive to integrate technology while participating in career technical education. Students have opportunities to research and gather information using various software programs, computer-based reference materials, and the Internet as defined by each program.

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